Origin Edit

The lands of Aliera are rich with developed civilizations with unique culture and particular racial characteristics. However, a collective truth is found within each race's historical documents. That singular truth is that they were not the first presence to be formed on this plane of existence.

Direct Descendants of the Fey Edit

High Elves (Feiyan) Edit

An ancient race of magical beings, they are linked heavily with sources of magic. They are found throughout Aliera, but mostly have settlements in the Western regions. High elves are generally seen as graceful, elegant, astute, and resourceful. However, they have a physical weakness which forces them to rely on magic for protection.

Fire Elves (Narian) Edit

An ancient deviation created when a group of High Elves headed North into the glacial coastal region. This was considered suicide by most High Elves, be that as it may, this group created a new civilization within the Snow Capped Islands of the Northwest region of Aliera.

Motive for Migration (Narian Origin) Edit

The physical disadvantage found naturally within High Elves became the driving force for their exodus to the Northern Lands. During the rise of the Dragonkin race, the Elves were attacked multiple times and saw natural resistance to their magic. This realization of weakness ultimately became obsession for one particular family called Evanara.

The House of Evanara Edit

Beginnings Edit

This clan of High Elves fought on the front lines against Dragonkin race during the great expansion. Evanara were considered the strongest elemental presence of fire magic. They were successful in fending off Dragonkin at great cost against their family. This displeased the Patriarch of the Evanara household, in such a way that they left their homeland after the fighting ceased. The new purpose of the Evanara family was to face the harsh elements of the Northern Snow Caps, therefore removing a major weakness in their genetic code. This mission declaration from such a prestigious clan impressed other families and many of them joined on the journey to the Northern lands.

The Multi-Millennial Transition (Foundation of Nar Níquetil) Edit

After thousands of years had passed, a new substantial dominion rules the North Glacial Coast. The Kingdom of Nar Níquetil has fabricated new elves strengthened by flame tempered in the coldest place on Aliera. Many physical changes have taken place within High Elf body structure. Ironically, these toughened exteriors have enhanced the magical capability of elemental knowledge within the spirit.

Current Royal Family Members Edit

Rharic Evanara - Father of King Verendis and Prince Velwynn, husband to Lyra Evanara. He ruled for 500 years before relinquishing command to his prodigy. Now, he stands as Elder Counselor to King Verendis and maintains order within the Nameless Counsel of Twenty-Five.

Lyra Evanara - Mother of King Verendis and Prince Velwynn, wife to Rharic Evanara. She oversees the arcane libraries and all sacred knowledge. She remains Chief Curator of all mystical artifacts and magical theories. She spent thousands of hours teaching Verendis magical technique. Also, giving equal attention to Velwynn's studies of magical history and artifact knowledge.

Verendis Evanara - A true prodigy of Narian sophistication and enlightenment, His magical capability outweighs all that have come before him in the family. He's able to masterfully use all magic elements, however, his conjuring of flame surpasses all that has ever been. Once during a practice session, he created a fire so strong that not one master conjurer of that element could come within 15 feet of it. He is considered a true leader and will stand a paragon for the future of Narian culture.

Velwynn Evanara - A twin of brother Verendis, which both children were born within seconds of each other. Another delight that was blessed upon the family, however fate creates balance. Truly Velwynn is unique within the Evanara household, for he has no magical capability. Even though his family embraces all that share the Evanara name, Velwynn lived with a stigmatic presence. While living in Nar Níquetil, he was either studying with his mother or spending time with the Mak'var household. Markoss Mak'var is the leader of the Royal Honor Guard, which consist of his whole family's lineage. They are the most trusted and closest friends to the Evanara household. The Mak'var taught Velwynn everything he knows about physical combat and how to deal with magical elements strategically.

The Golden Age of Nar Níquetil (Spirit of Fire within the Snow Capped Mountain) Edit

Despite all the drastic changes and growth, many fundamentals of House Evanara remain the same. Also, this mindset is maintained by the Evanara family themselves. They are still the ruling family of this new dominion, however, they are supported by some of the same families that followed them many Millennia before.